Throw Away The Key/ Part One

Open letter to someone I may have to let go of.


Dear Dad,

I’m writing because I have questions for you. You haven’t been in contact with me since that horrible day I needed you. An important person in my life took my secrets and truths and shared them with you. The presentation was horrific.

Our lives have always been unconventional, atypical.  Year after year, there was always a fortissimo of chaos. I went from innocence and ignorance to dissociation. Continue reading “Throw Away The Key/ Part One”

10 Reasons Why Aunt Flo Can Kiss My Ass

Aunt Flo is here. Mother Nature is calling. It’s Shark Week! I’m raggin’.

Whatever the hell you want to call that ridiculous and annoying time of the month, the menstrual cycle. I’m fed up with with being a woman right now and thought it would help to compile a small list of some of the things I hate, with a passion, during this time.

Be mindful of the language, my hormones are raging after all.  Continue reading “10 Reasons Why Aunt Flo Can Kiss My Ass”

I Am A Warrior

Note to Self

Girl, you’ve had it rough.

No, stop! Don’t downplay what you have been through, the things you have experienced.

You feel like you have lived a million lives in one lifetime and you’re still young.

You’ve been abused, used, and confused.

You’ve sped through the years on the back-burner because that is what you do to survive. Continue reading “I Am A Warrior”