The pulse through my skin entices me

With each beat of my heart

I’m sinking

The world blurs red

The burn snaps me back to reality

What is wrong with me?

There are no words to be said, no tears to be shed.

Pure agony.

A black depth where my heart should be

Each blood beaded line calls to me

This is true apathy

Is there any way out for me?

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Let Go

My mind is playing tricks on me

I miss you like a faded memory

I cannot recall.


My mind is playing tricks on me

I feel your touch like a ghost in the night

You are not there at all.


My mind is playing tricks on me

I hear your voice call my name like a whisper in the wind

I will not let you penetrate this wall.


My mind is playing tricks on me

I run away from you like a victim seeking safety

It is time for me to stand tall.

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She Burns

The pain ignites setting ablaze my insides

There is fire in my eyes and I breath flames

I hug my knees to my chest, just say goodbye

This inferno won’t be tamed, I can’t be saved

Night becomes day and still I rage

There is so much hurt in my heart and a lot of shit to say

But these words are locked in a cage

No key, only a strong breeze fueling this bad energy

I love you, I hate you, come here, leave me be!

I’m struggling and stressing, trying to learn this lesson

Faith and hope are slipping, the light is missing

I’m running and hiding and fighting and dying

I’m burning and crying, I’m blind but I’m trying

I’m choking on smoke and bleeding from the fire, I’m tired.

So tired.

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It’s Better Off This Way;

Using words as a form of expression; a creative outlet.

I wake up everyday feeling dead inside // Am I dead or am I dying // I’m always running and hiding // I’m always searching and seeking, questioning and weaving // Why is everyone always leaving? 

How do I fix this? How do I not miss? I’m so sick of this shit.

Head, heart, life’s a mess // cant get away from this stress // I’m so fucking depressed // Been feeling so tired, so wired, so numb // turning to the bottle and dealing with less.

Can’t give up, can’t quit- but I don’t want to wake up// it’s so hard to give a fuck.

Between a cliff and a blade’s edge, a rock and a hard place // which way to go // I don’t know, I don’t know… I DON’T KNOW. 

Feeling too much and falling too deep // losing piece after piece that I’m trying to keep // I need sleep.

Trying to hunt down my demons but feeling like prey // world on my shoulders, I am not okay // Red falling like rain in the cold light of day // will you miss me when i’m gone // it’s better off this way.

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Some Of My Old Poems

When I was a teenager I bought myself a nice journal. I would use this journal to write down my thoughts/feelings. Not too long ago I got that old journal out. I decided to read through it and write down my thoughts/feelings about my old thoughts/feelings. It’s all part of the journey. Continue reading “Some Of My Old Poems”