I wonder

Well, howdy.
I am sitting here in a salt/essential oil bath contemplating life’s wonders. Specifically my own life’s wonders. And I wonder about a lot.

I feel as if I am spiraling. Yet I cannot determine if it’s a positive spiral or a spiral of doom. I began soul searching part way through 2016. I have begun to change my perspective and purge. And I love to purge! But purging non-tangible things is very hard. Continue reading “I wonder”

Just getting started…

Step right up!

Well, hello!

So this is it? This is my FIRST BLOG! It’s rather exciting. Even though doom perforates this night. I am experiencing some ‘ends’ in my life. I am also experiencing some ‘beginnings’ in my life. Some of these are the same thing in two different lights. Which is why I find myself confused. Intrigued. Mystified. I feel as if I have just plunged down the rabbit hole, were my name Alice. Continue reading “Just getting started…”