Plateaus And Change

My eight year old daughter asked me a question yesterday afternoon as I was preparing grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. “Mama, how do you like someone you don’t even know?”

I was unsure of what she meant so I asked, “What do you mean?” She went on to explain that there was a boy in her third grade class that she thought she liked in the beginning of the year. She then went on to say that she no longer likes him because she now knows him better and thinks he is just a gross boy. After all, girls rule and boys drool! DUH! Continue reading “Plateaus And Change”


Emotional Nonsense.

The fog is suffocating.

I cannot see clearly. I cannot think thoroughly.

It is as if the fog surrounding me is made up of my formidable thoughts, each sapling of moisture carrying its different weight. Some so light it floats airily around me.  Others so substantial it crashes down and around creating a massive squall. Continue reading “Emotional Nonsense.”

Little Girl, Lost.

Creativity, Imagination, Innovation, Inspiration.

Where did it go?

When did it die down?

I can clearly recall my younger self being called to the teacher’s desk in third grade. She said the stories I had been writing in my periwinkle spiral notebook were wonderful stories. She said I possessed great skill and imagination. She said my creativity would take me places. Then she asked if I would like to have my stories published for the school library. Continue reading “Little Girl, Lost.”

Letters to Nobody

Have you ever typed out a really long, important text to someone but found yourself unable to press ‘send’? I do this all the time. I find myself with something to say and end up saying nothing because I realize it will not be accepted. Or maybe it will not be understood. Or maybe it will stir up an argument. I could have a million different reasons.

I have written so many letters in my life. I have so many letters that have never been sent. My home as a child was turbulent and dramatic. There was almost always arguing and yelling. There was almost always drinking. There was almost always tension. It was unbearable at the best of times. Of course, in those moments, I did not know what all was going on. I simply saw the negativity in whatever form it was presented for the time. Continue reading “Letters to Nobody”

Dreams, Psychics, Meanings?

Have you ever drove down a busy street and saw an advertisement for a psychic fair? Maybe you’ve seen a sign that says ‘Fortune Teller’. Maybe you’ve heard an ad urging you to call an 800 number and find out who your soul mate is. Maybe you’ve had a friend who had a reading done recently. Something has you curious for more, though.

I have only ever had three readings done for me (psychic readings). The first one was a woman I found on the internet. It was a very vague and very boring reading. I was not impressed. The third one was done using crystals. It was very interesting. Continue reading “Dreams, Psychics, Meanings?”

Tarot Cards, Anyone?

Psychic. New Age. Metaphysical. Spiritual.

Whatever you want to call it. I’m diggin’ it. I started attending psychic development classes at a local metaphysical shop during the summer (of 2016). I look back on that decision and feel that it was one of the better ones I have ever made. The decision to attend such classes is right up there with the decision to divorce my ex. Seriously, it’s that good. Continue reading “Tarot Cards, Anyone?”

How Do You Get To The Other Side?

I am my own worst enemy.

Life is so hard lately. Even the little things seem tremendous. I’ve been learning so much about self-care these last few months. I feel like I am being tested. I feel like I am failing miserably.

There is so much turmoil and emotion swirling around in my head. There is so much uncertainty surrounding me. I used to have at least one foot on the ground. Now I’m struggling to make sense of where it all went so terribly wrong. This is not the path I envisioned. Continue reading “How Do You Get To The Other Side?”