Tarot Cards, Anyone?

Psychic. New Age. Metaphysical. Spiritual.

Whatever you want to call it. I’m diggin’ it. I started attending psychic development classes at a local metaphysical shop during the summer (of 2016). I look back on that decision and feel that it was one of the better ones I have ever made. The decision to attend such classes is right up there with the decision to divorce my ex. Seriously, it’s that good. Continue reading “Tarot Cards, Anyone?”


How Do You Get To The Other Side?

I am my own worst enemy.

Life is so hard lately. Even the little things seem tremendous. I’ve been learning so much about self-care these last few months. I feel like I am being tested. I feel like I am failing miserably.

There is so much turmoil and emotion swirling around in my head. There is so much uncertainty surrounding me. I used to have at least one foot on the ground. Now I’m struggling to make sense of where it all went so terribly wrong. This is not the path I envisioned. Continue reading “How Do You Get To The Other Side?”

Some Of My Old Poems

When I was a teenager I bought myself a nice journal. I would use this journal to write down my thoughts/feelings. Not too long ago I got that old journal out. I decided to read through it and write down my thoughts/feelings about my old thoughts/feelings. It’s all part of the journey. Continue reading “Some Of My Old Poems”

You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?

Well, I am up past my bedtime tonight. Who am I kidding? My sleep schedule has been thrown to the wind lately. Tonight has been one of those ‘beat myself up’ kind of nights. Of course, I am my biggest critic. Tonight is also one of those nights where I over think things and read too deeply.

Sometimes, I cannot help it. You see, not long ago, I realized I am an empath. What is that, you say? Good question. Google it. There really is a ton of interesting things to read about it. But to shorten things, I can feel other peoples emotions as if they were my own. Continue reading “You Ever Heard Of Such A Thing?”

It’s All About The Pieces

It is okay to feel.

I love puzzles. Just your typical, however many pieces, jigsaw puzzle. I have not attempted a puzzle in quite sometime. I opened one tonight. And I love it, of course! Why have I not done a puzzle in so long? Because learning how to provide self-care without guilt is hard.

I have gone my entire life putting so much effort into others that it never occurred to me that I was neglecting the most important person in my life: me. Continue reading “It’s All About The Pieces”

Enjoy The Ride.

Do you enjoy carnival rides? Roller coasters? Thrills? I do. I enjoy them a lot!

Just not so much in the sense of feeling like life is a roller coaster. That is no fun a lot of the time.

But the raw truth is that life IS like a roller coaster. Always up and down. Always surprising new twists and turns and throwing you for a loop. How do you prepare for that? Continue reading “Enjoy The Ride.”