Letters From Home: Dear Sister

May 20, xxxx


hey. the army- wow. well you’re going to miss my graduation. I really wish you could be there, because well our father says he doesn’t see the big deal. I really want you there, i need you there. I wish you weren’t going this summer, because well it’s my last summer before college. I hope you come back before I leave. If not, it will be… who knows how long before I see you again.

So I feel like maybe I failed you as a sister or as a friend. Like I didn’t protect you and I wasn’t there for you all the time. I tried, really, I tried to be a role model and protect you. I’m sorry if I haven’t been the sister you’ve wanted.

Remember our late nights and walks before ******’s roof, and Matt, and the church van, and the attic we shared. I remember it all. I miss it too, sucks growing up, and apart. I hate that we aren’t close, and that we never talk or see each other. I’m always here.

‘Sticking with your family is what makes it a family.” I want you to stick with me. Our lives are changing, we’re growing up… it’s kind of scary. Can you promise me one thing… keep in touch// always.

I want you to know that I’m proud of you, sister. I really am. I’m excited for you. Have fun with this experience, the good and the bad.—and stay safe. Know that I love you, always.

Much Love,


***Certain things are changed and names are removed. Grammatical errors are copied over and not edited.

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Picture from: http://www.flickriver.com/groups/militarydogtags/pool/interesting/


Author: Krystal Joy

Just a mom of many forging my way in this world seeking balance. Peace/Love/Happiness.

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