Dreams, Psychics, Meanings?

Have you ever drove down a busy street and saw an advertisement for a psychic fair? Maybe you’ve seen a sign that says ‘Fortune Teller’. Maybe you’ve heard an ad urging you to call an 800 number and find out who your soul mate is. Maybe you’ve had a friend who had a reading done recently. Something has you curious for more, though.

I have only ever had three readings done for me (psychic readings). The first one was a woman I found on the internet. It was a very vague and very boring reading. I was not impressed. The third one was done using crystals. It was very interesting.

The second reading was done using tarot cards. It was a bit confusing because at the time I didn’t know anything about tarot cards. It felt right though. And this reading has continued to stick with me. The woman told me at the end of the reading that I travel in my dreams. She wasn’t talking about a dream vacation I could have constructed during my sleep. Unfortunately, my time was up so I didn’t get an elaboration. I still wonder what she could have meant. I have very vivid dreams every so often. I will find myself awake and wondering if it was real or not. I will find myself awake with leftover feelings from my dreams. It’s intriguing yet intimidating.

This brings me to ponder the dreams I’ve had throughout my life and which ones continue to stick with me. Three dreams instantly come to mind. There is a dream I have had repeatedly in my life. It’s very simple yet so complex because I have yet to figure any kind of meaning from it. It has been quite a bit of time since I have had this dream, though, I have had it multiple different times in my life.

I am simply standing at the top of a staircase. I’m excited because I’m going to jump the stairs. I launch myself towards the bottom of the stairs feeling my adrenaline pumping at the action. The end of the stairs never comes. I simply jump and never land. The stairs begin to grow and grow. Sometimes they get farther and farther away from me and I am stuck, suspended in the air, continuously jumping, straining to reach the bottom of the steps. Some time passes like this as my fear of landing grows. I realize in mid-air that it begins to feel less like a jump and more like I am supposed to be flying. But I haven’t a clue of what I am doing. I am only aware of wanting to land safely at the bottom of the stairs. I always awaken before landing. I always awaken with anxiety after having this dream. I still wonder what it means even though its been some time since I’ve had this particular dream.

The second dream that comes to mind I had at some point during elementary school or middle school. I was a new student in my class, in my dream. I was introduced to the class and was told to take a seat. Upon looking at the desks I discover there is only one empty seat. Of course I take it. It isn’t until I sit down, and I believe the teacher asks a question, that I see the student sitting next to me. He has a huge head of hair and he wears glasses. This kid scared the crap out of me. His glasses were circular around his head. This kid had eyes all around his head. WTF?! This dream left me feeling creepy-crawly. I was terrified of this dream. And still to this day when I think of nightmares during sleep, I think of this dream.

The third dream that comes to mind is one I cannot recall when I had it. For some reason in this dream I was supposed to stay the night at my dad’s sister’s house. As I am walking up to their door I get a horrible feeling. I try to tell my mom I don’t want to stay. I don’t recall the exact details of how it happened but I end up in the back of their white van. I can tell we are driving fast. My heartbeat racing. I don’t have any good feelings. I can’t remember if anything was said to me. I just know that the van drove around a curve on a cliff and my aunt and uncle opened up the back of the van and pushed me out over the cliff. And I wake up.

I have had many more dreams besides these. For some reason when I think of nightmares these are the ones that appear forefront in my mind. These are some of the ones I have never been able to understand. Maybe I never will.

But ever since that lady told me I travel in my dreams, I have become very curious about how dreams work and what they could mean. It is another aspect of the unknown that I seek to come to know. It is another piece to the puzzle of me. Another tool to help me understand myself and this crazy life. I’ve always been outside the box and I like it there.

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Photo taken from: http://scrubsmag.com/the-5-nursing-nightmares-i-have-when-i-sleep/


Author: Krystal Joy

Just a mom of many forging my way in this world seeking balance. Peace/Love/Happiness.

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  1. Wow, that is incredible! I can tell you that I have always loved you! But maybe you were afraid of us a little, the kids usually played while the women talked and the men did whatever!!! lol

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