I wonder

Well, howdy.
I am sitting here in a salt/essential oil bath contemplating life’s wonders. Specifically my own life’s wonders. And I wonder about a lot.

I feel as if I am spiraling. Yet I cannot determine if it’s a positive spiral or a spiral of doom. I began soul searching part way through 2016. I have begun to change my perspective and purge. And I love to purge! But purging non-tangible things is very hard.

In the beginning of this soul searching process I experienced an extremely emotional day. That emotional day turned into an emotional night. And with a little whiskey to try and calm the raging storm inside me, I experienced an unfortunate event. I broke my jaw.

And yes, it hurt like hell! I was wired shut for 8 weeks and put on the most miserable liquid diet ever to exist. I really do not feel as if ’emotional roller coaster’ is the proper term to fully capture my miserable yet memorable summer. I think of this event as the catalyst to the new me that I am molding.

I am growing more and more each day. Feeling more confident. Feeling more intuitive. Feeling less controlled and afraid. I am finding the strength within myself to face my demons that have held me back for too long. I am unpacking the mental lock boxes in my head and figuring out the puzzle of me.

And I am processing and regrouping and going right back at it with the use of this blog. Life happens in layers. And I plan to peel and peel and peel those layers to reach a deeper understanding and build a solid foundation in my life. I hope along the way that I can be inspiring or at the very least entertaining for anyone else struggling on their path in life.

Thanks for reading!


Photo is my own.


Author: Krystal Joy

Just a mom of many forging my way in this world seeking balance. Peace/Love/Happiness.

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